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Quality and flexibility

since 1966.

The company founded by Mr. Bardelli Gianfranco was set as family firm in 1966. At the time the production of the little work room was focused mostly on commission sale twisting. In 1970 the whole production was moved to the current premises of Viale Agusta 112 in Samarate.

During the following years also the two sons, Dario and Fausto, joined the company with the consequent enlargement of the firm and production cycle. Among the greatest achievements of that evolutionary process there is the specialization on production and sale of sewing threads in 1978, the introduction of a yarn line in 1981 and the introduction of a knitting yarn sector with result of a new commercial network.

Nowadays the company produces high quality yarns for knitwear and hand-knitting in natural fibers. The whole productive process, exception made for dyeing, is developed within the company itself. The sale network is 50% domestic and 50% external.